Vascular Specialist in New Jersey

Save your limbs with an early diagnose. 

Peripheral arterial disease is a serious disease that is characterized by the blockage of the arteries that carry oxygenated blood to extremities such as the legs. Even though PAD and other vascular diseases are treatable, you would be saving yourself an enormous amount of pain if you listen to your body and look for any symptoms you currently are experiencing. 

Dr. Scott Hollander has been helping New Jersey residents by performing minimally invasive procedures. These procedures are so small you will be going home the same day. A vascular specialist like Dr. Hollander has made sure every patient understands the procedure and how to improve their vascular health. 

Use a different approach to improve your vascular health with the help of Dr. Scott Hollander.


Things To Know About A Vascular Specialist 

A vascular specialist is focused on the care of arteries and veins. They have a more advanced education an experience to offer in the vascular area. Dr. Scott Hollander has dedicated for many years to treat his patients with excellence and experience. 

Remarkable treatment could save your life, which is why we encourage our clients to reach out to us and schedule a consultation. Once we know more about your case we will be able to give you the right treatment that could potentially save your limb(s) and turn your lifestyle into a healthier one. 

We encourage everyone that visits our website to take the symptom checker quiz. This is not an official diagnosis or a substitute for any medical advice. To have a more accurate analysis please call Dr. Scott Hollander to schedule a consultation to discuss your medical history in detail.

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