Save yourself from an amputation

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) occurs when blood flow is restricted as a result of narrowed arteries. When blood cannot reach an arm or leg, it runs the risk of being amputated. At the office of Dr. Scott C Hollander, we provide professional treatments from a PAD specialist to help you or someone you know avoids an unnecessary amputation.

The Dangers of Peripheral Arterial Disease

When most people hear of arteries, they think of the heart and its need for constant, healthy blood circulation. However, there are peripheral arteries that supply blood to other parts of the body like the head, limbs, and arms. When they malfunction, the result is peripheral arterial disease. Common symptoms are ulcers that appear on the affected limbs, pain, discolored skin and infections.

If a symptom worsens, it leads to tissue death that results in a dead limb. When the limb dies, amputation is required. This process is slow and can be easily prevented when you take the right precautions.

Treat It As Soon As Possible - And Save a Limb

Hollander's professionals treat peripheral arterial disease as soon as possible to help our patients avoid amputations. Many treatments are self administered by our patients themselves. The first step is to get healthy oxygenated blood circulating throughout the body. This is accomplished by regular exercise, healthy eating and better lifestyle choices, such as no smoking. We create customized plans for our patients and monitor every step of their progress.

Another step is to consult the assistance of a PAD specialist. An experienced professional knows the steps to take to revascularize the body and prevent tissue death. He or she has worked to prevent hundreds of amputations that only result in more pain and suffering.

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