Symptom Checker for Peripheral Vascular Condition

Identify an illness before it progresses. 

Many Americans decide to test themselves for illnesses once they are in excruciating pain or they are feeling more than one symptom. Unfortunately, for some patients, the treatment process won’t be as successful because they did not find out about their condition on time. 

Dr. Scott C Hollander has created an online symptom checker to find out if you are suffering from Peripheral Vascular Condition. Some patients may be feeling some of the symptoms and think it’s nothing to worry about. 

We deeply encourage anyone to take this short questionnaire to check your symptoms, risk factors, causes, and predispositions to find out. 

This is not an official diagnosis or a substitute for any medical advice. To have a more accurate analysis please call Dr. Scott Hollander to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your medical history in detail.


Things To Know About Peripheral Vascular Condition

Peripheral Vascular Disease is a blood circulation disorder that is characterized by a narrowing or blockage of the arteries that carry oxygenated blood to extremities such as the legs.

Save yourself from losing leg pain, or any of your limbs. This can be stopped by getting to know more about Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) and doing Dr. Scott Hollander’s free quiz to check any of the symptoms. 

Early signs of PVD

Because many of the symptoms of PVD go undetected or mimic other conditions, it may be difficult to detect PVD until it begins to manifest. Avoiding many of the risk factors, like smoking and obesity by cessation and exercise will stop the disease before it starts.

Protect Yourself From PVD 

Once you take the first step to identify if you have PVD by taking a quiz, you can contact Dr. Scott Hollander to get a free consultation and talk more about your case.