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Te Peripheral Arterial Disease or PAD has become a common disease in New Jersey. This condition takes place when arteries are narrowed, so the natural flow of blood through the arteries get affected. Also, it’s important to mention that this condition mostly affects the lower and upper extremities of the patients.

Normally, people who suffer from PAD don’t receive the right amount of blood in their legs to satisfy the demand. This causes pain when they walk or, in more serious cases, when the patient is resting. This symptom is known as claudication. If you have noticed some pain after some minutes of walking, you should get in contact with a PAD specialist as soon as possible.

Poor nutritional habits and lack of exercise are also huge factors that cause your veins and arteries get narrowed. Fat can accumulate and avoid the normal flow of blood to your brain, heart, and legs. Besides, tobacco is another factor that causes you peripheral artery issues.

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