What's an Intravascular ultrasound and how does it work?

Intravascular ultrasound is a medical methodology that utilizes a specially designed catheter to see from inside blood vessels our though the surrounding blood column. Intravascular ultrasounds are advanced technological procedures to diagnose different types of vascular issues. Thanks to this procedure, patients can help you avoid a heart attack or stenosis or narrowing of the artery.

When do you need an intravascular ultrasound?

Sometimes, angiographic imaging is considered unreliable. This doesn’t mean that angiographic is not reliable, yet it means that there are unique cases in which you, as a patient, will need a second diagnosis. Some cases are when angiographic images don’t show lumen segments as the doctor requires.

How does it work?

Intravascular Ultrasound utilizes a transducer or probe to generate sound waves to produce images of your blood vessels. Your vascular specialists can use this methodology to evaluate if you’re at risk of suffering from a heart attack.

The intravascular ultrasounds show the entire artery wall, so your specialists receive important information about the amount and type of plaque buildup. This medical procedure doesn’t require radiation exposure to the patient and has no harmful effects. Besides, it provides clear pictures of soft tissues that can’t be well seen on X-ray images.

If you’re wondering about the preparation you need for this procedure, you will surprise to know that you require little or no special preparation. Your doctor will let you know about the type of preparation that you need in case this is used in conjunction with another medical procedure.

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