Interventional Radiologist in New Jersey

Get an alternative treatment for traditional approaches in New Jersey. 

Interventional radiologists have taken another approach for a procedure that has proven to show helpful results for patients. This is a small procedure that is used for various conditions. Most people have opted for interventional radiology instead of going through a surgery. 

IV or Interventional Radiology is a medical specialty that uses small needles in the needed area to create small incisions. This procedure is image-guided and it diagnoses and treats early-stage medical conditions without surgery. 

This has become a newer procedure that most patients are opting for because it may be performed in an outpatient setting.


Benefits of Interventional Radiology 

One of the many issues that patients have is surgery and longer hospital stays. Interventional radiology makes it possible for patients to have fewer risks, less pain, and shorter recovery time than what they are used to with surgeries. 

The procedure is so small that requires no stitches since it’s a micro-incision that can be covered with an adhesive bandage. This is more efficient because it allows patients to go home on the same day and return to their normal activities. 

What can be treated with IV? 

Almost any part of your body can be treated with interventional radiology such as: 

  • Abdominal Area (intestine, kidneys, liver, stomach) 
  • CNS or Central Nervous System (brain, spinal cord) 
  • Chest Area (lungs, respiratory system) 
  • Heart and Circulatory System (arteries, veins, hemodialysis access) 
  • Musculoskeletal (bones, joints, spine)
  • Genitourinary System (kidneys, uterus, testes) 
  • Other organs. 

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