Image-Guided Vascular Interventions in Brick Township, New Jersey. 

Get accurate results with an expert in vascular intervention in Brick Township. 

A new alternative to get better results has been opted by many patients in New Jersey. Dr. Scott Hollander offers image-guided vascular interventions for patients that are dealing with any vascular disease. 

This minimal procedure has reduced the risks that surgery has and has given accurate results for interventional radiologists. Dr. Hollander is dedicated to limb salvage; helping those with leg or foot pain, leg or foot ulcers, painful leg swelling, painful varicose veins, life-threatening blood clots, recurrent leg infections, and sparing those from arterial bypass surgery and/or amputations.

An interventional radiologist specializes in radiology and in minimal procedures. To start using an accurate alternative for your health, contact Dr. Scott Hollander. 


Vascular Interventions

When patients suffer from a blockage or hardening in their arteries, they need to have a procedure done to restore the flow of blood through the artery. This procedure is very small and it does not need stitches. 

This procedure is a micro-incision, therefore, you won’t need a recuperation process. The interventional radiologist will stick a needle in the targeted place that will act as a tunnel and will enable the doctor to guide the tools to where it’s needed. 

Many patients have had a positive impact after using image-guided vascular intervention. 

New Jersey residents have trusted in Dr. Scott Hollander to do minimal invasive vascular procedures. One of the many benefits that image-guided vascular interventions give patients is less recovery time and no big surgical incisions will be made. 

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