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Expert Peripheral Vascular Specialist-Interventional Radiologist in NJ

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Expert in image guided, minimally invasive vascular procedures. Helping patients avoid arterial bypass surgery and/or amputation.

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Dr. Hollander uses minimally invasive endovascular techniques to treat many vascular problems that could unfortunately shorten lifespan.

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The Saving Limbs Foundation

Education and assistance to those with severe vascular disease.

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Dr. Hollander is recognized as one of South Jersey's 2019 TOP DOC

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expert in Image Guided Vascular Interventions and Limb Salvage

Proudly Serving All Cities and Counties in NJ

Dr. Hollander, at the Cumberland Professional Campus, continues to impress the community as one of the most advanced vascular specialists in New Jersey. His medical foothold spans many years in multiple locations, treating peripheral artery disease, dialysis access, deep and superficial veins, and other vascular issues.

Experienced in vascular procedures and Interventional Radiology (IR)!

Dr. Hollander received his Medical Degree from the New York Institute of Technology, and then served his Diagnostic Radiology residency at Columbia University Medical Center. After Columbia, he completed his fellowship in the Vascular Interventional Radiology department of Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut.

Cutting-edge technology that decreases risk and ensures a higher procedural success rate!

A national leader in the use of intravascular ultrasound, Dr. Hollander can now treat those with deep venous disease - helping patients with symptoms including painful leg swelling and venous leg ulcers.

Check out the Saving Limbs Foundation, founded by Dr. Scott Hollander!

Dr. Hollander utilizes advanced medical technologies to repair leg arteries from the inside (catheterization), restoring flow to the feet and preventing the need for bypass surgery and/or amputation.

Providing an array of vascular services to keep patients alive with increased longevity!

If you are a dialysis patient with arm or leg access, Dr. Hollander can maintain your life line and treat your symptoms relating to a failing access - keeping your arm or neck swelling, pain and dysfunction to a minimum. 

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Nancy McCaffery


I am very satisfied with my treatment and outcome. I feel that Dr. Hollander is very experienced and did an excellent job on my leg. Dr. Scott Hollander was very highly recommended to me and I would gladly recommend him to others.
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Amazing doctor great person dr scott
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Anonymous 2018-07-11


Great doctor and staff. Had a stubborn wound that wouldn't heal he operated and now its all but gone. Would HIGHLY recommend.
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Meet Dr. Scott Hollander!

Vascular specialist - interventional radiologist in NJ specializing in minimally-invasive endovascular treatments
Dr. Scott Hollander
Dr. Scott Hollander
Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Scott Hollander, is an expert in minimally invasive vascular procedures. He is a Yale trained Peripheral Vascular Interventional Radiologist specializing in peripheral arterial and venous disease as well as dialysis access maintenance. Dr. Hollander is dedicated to limb salvage; helping those with leg or foot pain, leg or foot ulcers, painful leg swelling, painful varicose veins, life threatening blood clots, recurrent leg infections, and sparing those from arterial bypass surgery and/or amputations. His attention to detail and insurmountable care for his patients makes him a staple in the field of vascular medicine. Dr. Hollander uses minimally invasive endovascular techniques to treat many vascular problems that could unfortunately shorten lifespan and even lead to death if left untreated.

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Peripheral Arterial Disease Detection, Awareness, and Treatment in Primary Care

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a manifestation of systemic atherosclerosis that is common and is associated with an increased risk of death and ischemic events, yet may be underdiagnosed in primary care practice.

To assess the feasibility of detecting PAD in primary care clinics, patient and physician awareness of PAD, and intensity of risk factor treatment and use of antiplatelet therapies in primary care clinics.

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Non-thrombotic iliac vein lesions trigger “paradigm shift”

Now that non-thrombotic iliac vein lesions (NIVLs) are more frequently recognised on modern imaging modalities, they are beginning to trigger a paradigm shift in standard vein work whereby there is now increasing emphasis on making sure that these patients do not have significant deep venous obstruction which must be taken into account when planning treatment.

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IVUS should be the gold standard for diagnosing and directing treatment of iliofemoral vein obstruction

In a study comparing multiplanar venography to intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) for diagnosing common or external iliac and common femoral vein stenosis, IVUS imaging was found to change both the treatment plan in 60/100 patients and the number of stents placed in 50/100 patients. Presenter Paul Gagne (Darien, USA) maintained that “without IVUS, iliofemoral vein occlusive disease would have been undertreated in the majority of patients studied.

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Iliac Vein Compression

The content of this video presentation was independently prepared. The opinions expressed herein are those of the presenter and are not necessarily indicative of the views of any other party, nor are they intended to reflect the proposed intended use or performance of the technology discussed herein.

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